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Katy & Stephen – Wedding at Boturich Castle

Katy and an army of bridesmaids had taken over an entire suite of cabins at the Carriage Lodge in Arden when I arrived. It was packed inside, the make up artist and hairdresser rotating their way through all the girls in turn. I was soon busy collecting all the dresses, shoes and bouquets littered around the cabin with barely a moment to pause and admire all the eye candy. Katy just kept on grinning, her bridesmaids seemingly cut from the same cloth as smiles and laughter lit up the room. This was going to be a bonny day.

A beautiful wedding dress hung down from a balcony, offering something to look at and remind everyone of what was about to occur. It was quite dazzling, so much so that some even took to wearing sunglasses to gaze at it. Before you could blink, all the bridesmaids were wearing them prompting a cool down photoshoot in the cobbled courtyard as they lined up with attitude in their dressing gowns. Soon they would all be in matching dresses, but not before I met up with the boys at St Josephs Church in Helensburgh.

Stephen and his best man posed for a few photographs as the ushers directed incoming guests to their seats. Word soon spread that one of the buses bringing guests had broken down, forcing a replacement vehicle and delay to Katy’s arrival. Everyone piled back out of the church and watched as the boys reacted to Stephen showing off the rings with girly delight. Before long, the colourful army of bridesmaids arrived in their Volkswagon with Katy following only a few moments behind in a beautiful vintage bridal car.

The religious service was well attended, everyone watching intently as the entertaining priest told a few stories. The happy couple began by lighting two of three candles at the alter, only to return to them after saying their vows. The two candles were blown out and the remaining third one in the middle was lit to symbolise that they were now one. Katy and Stephen walked back down the aisle and straight out into the sunshine where the bridal car hosted some champagne. It was time to depart to Boturich Castle.

It was chaos for a few minutes as buses arrived at Boturich Castle all at once. Everyone quickly headed to the marquee overlooking the banks of Loch Lomond as the bridal party remained behind for photographs. With all the girls and boys together, I think it must have been the biggest I’ve seen and was quite an impressive sight. Katy and Stephen were soon left swinging in front of the camera with only a sign for company. They must surely have thought to themselves what a wonderful world.

Some family photographs were arranged overlooking the banks of Loch Lomond before everyone headed into the marquee in anticipation of the speeches and wedding breakfast. An impressive twin towers cake lay on it’s own table, the detail on show offering a treat for the eyes. It was cut by the happy couple before the bridesmaids began with a joint introductory speech. The best man by contrast was in no mood to polish off his brother quickly, providing almost a hour long verbal tour de force of stories and entertainment.

As the sun slowly set over Loch Lomond, the castle struck me as one of those romantic spots with a rare feel good factor. Even the horses seemed friendly as everyone relaxed outside and took in the views. With golden light raking through the marquee, Katy and Stephen took to the dance floor for their first dance. It was a rare treat to photograph dancing in such light, but it summed up their bonny day wonderful. It had glowed with fun, love and laughter as the sun beamed down with a huge big grin.