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Lucy & Michael – Wedding at Prestonfield House

The peacocks at Prestonfield House provided some eye candy whilst I waited for Lucy to arrive back from her hairdressers appointment in town. Inside the bridal suite, her bridesmaids and makeup artist had already made themselves at home in the opulent surroundings. Never before have I seen so much furniture fill a room, but the camera was firmly fixed on the prize. An elegant wedding dress hung by the window while the shoes and bouquets lay nearby. It was time to get the slippers on and get comfortable.

By the time the wedding dress was on I had concluded Lucy was a ‘bridechiller’. One of those rare individuals who projects calmness and remains relaxed, always being in control of her surroundings. The camera was treated to Lucy’s gaze before I headed out into the sun to meet the boys. Michael seemed in a similar mood, displaying no nerves and keeping cool in those sunglasses. His two best men by contrast had their game face on and seemed determined to have some fun. Things were heating up in the garden.

With all the guests seated and basking in the sun, Lucy and her dad appeared at  the front of the house waiting to be led down the red carpet. At last we have an outdoor ceremony to enjoy I thought, as Duncan Robertson (humanist celebrant) introduced the happy couple before entertaining everyone with some stories about how they met. As the sun baked down, Lucy and Michael said their vows and kissed in front of their delighted guests. The deal was sealed with a rock ‘n roll hymn on the guitars.

The resident peacocks were kind enough to allow us the use of their garden for a drinks reception. They hung around keeping a beady eye on things, before seemingly wanting to join in for a mass group shot on the driveway. Drinks in hand, we kicked off with some photographs of the bridal party before stumbling across a red Ferrari parked outside. The sporting owner happily allowed use of his prop, even ushering the happy couple to sit inside. We headed indoors to cool off and get a bit more creative.

Working our way through the various rooms at a relaxed pace, Lucy and Michael occasionally chatted about the events of the day. In between posing, the camera was still running and it wasn’t long before natural images of them started pinging up on the LCD screen. The black and white image (3 above) is one of my favourites, completely unposed and devoid of any instruction. It was made entirely by Lucy and Michael during one such moment. It was soon time to visit the Stables ahead of their wedding breakfast.

With the speeches finished, everyone took the opportunity for a comfort break in the sun. Lucy and Michael joined me for a walk in the gardens before enjoying some time alone. The peacocks were busy showing off, sensing the party was about to get started. The wedding cake was duly slaughtered with a sword, before the happy couple took to the floor for their first dance. Like much of this grand day, it looked quite unique. The moody surroundings and lush colour palette seemed thoroughly exotic. And a lot of fun in the sun.