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Kristina & Stephen – Wedding at Melville Castle

A packed bridal suite greeted me as I arrived to join the hair and makeup artists at Melville Castle. Kristina looked glamorous even in her rollers, and you could sense this was going to be a rocking good day just by looking at everyone’s faces. A stunning wedding dress and shoes were hanging around in the bedroom, while the bridesmaids proudly showed off their branded dressing gowns and cheeky bridal goods to the camera. Kristina looked focussed and relaxed as the moment came to do some bridal portraits.


The window provided the light as Kristina gazed outside, turning to stare straight down the barrel of the lens with a warm smile. It was a tranquil moment in what had so far been a busy morning. The boys by contrast were seemingly full of fun, displaying their kilts with confidence before warming up with a bear hug. Guests were directed to their seats as I joined Kristina’s dad upstairs in wait. He looked stunned at the beautiful sight as Kristina appeared, before leading her by the hand and walking down the red carpet aisle.


The humanist ceremony was typically warm, setting the scene with a few stories about the couple before moving onto the vows and rings exchange. Just married, their family and friends were in for a surprise as the celebrant invited Kristina and Stephen to kick off a chain of love hugs. The room exploded into action as everyone began hugging each other in no particular order. In between trying to catch the action I didn’t escape being hugged either, the camera temporarily disabled by some enthusiastic guests.


Drinks were quickly abandoned as Kristina and Stephen were whisked up to the picturesque driveway for some time alone. The dark hues and occasional splash of colour provided the perfect backdrop for such elegance, something which was quickly spotted by a group of cows. They all seemingly gathered to pass on their congratulations before photobombing us with splendid timing. The shawl came off as we got back down to work with a smile, this time without any onlookers to interrupt their style.


Safely back at base, the drinks reception continued while we tackled some groups shots at the front entrance. But not before the happy couple made another entrance, this time providing an opportunity for everyone to pelt them with confetti. The bridal party were soon in full swing, encouraging an increasingly long list of people to take it in turns to pose. I was lucky to escape into the marquee where a feast of eye candy lay in wait. It looked ever so sweet, and set the scene for some hugely entertaining speeches.


The best mans impromptu sing along was punctuated with some clever props. Having already had a run in with some cows, it was bizarre to see them appear again as folk pulled out their props from underneath the tables. In what was clearly a well planned script, it certainly brought the tent down with it’s humour and originality. It left just enough time to create a multiple exposure in what I can only describe as Stephen being pictured with Kristina and her collection of stunt doubles. Which one he married I really don’t know.


As the rain tumbled down outside (kindly timed!) the evenings entertainment came to a climax as Kristina and Stephen took to the floor for their first dance. Ho Hey by the Lumineers sounded out as they bounced along to the band, characteristically upbeat as they had been all day long. What a fantastic wedding to witness. It had glamour, style, fun and laughter in spades. Throw in some love hugs, a herd of cows and musical genius into the mix and you have got the sweetest of days to remember.