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The Day Kirsty Balbirnie Got Married…

22.04.2015 Congratulations to Kirsty and Rick who just got married at Balbirnie House in Fife! Kirsty Balbirnie is a wedding planner by profession, so it came as little surprise that perfect clear blue skies graced her big day. Family, friends and members of staff all gathered to witness a roller coaster of emotion, glamour and sheer happiness. It looked like a fairytale straight out of hollywood and felt like Balbirnie House were hosting their own ‘royal’ wedding. What a lovely couple to photograph! This was the day Kirsty Balbirnie got married… View Full Post »



Congratulations to Lindsey & Paul

12.04.2015 Congratulations to Lindsey and Paul who just got married at Norton House in Edinburgh. Their big day brought a gathering of family and friends, all eager to witness the happy couple tying the knot with a humanist ceremony in the Garden Suite. Some intermittent rain showers proved no match for the happy couple who came armed with love heart umbrellas! See further images on my facebook page here »



Happy Easter!

05.04.2015 Congratulations to Jacqueline and Richard who just got married at Balbirnie House in Fife! The easter weekend began with this beautiful wedding and a chance to be reunited with a few familiar faces. Past bride and grooms Claire & Michael (also married at Balbirnie House) and Emma & Craig (married almost exactly a year ago) were present to witness their friends tie the knot in the Long Gallery before making a few memories of their own. Judging by the glamour and happiness on show I’d say it was definitely a good Friday… View Full Post »



Congratulations to Heather & James

23.03.2015 Congratulations to Heather and James who just got married at Orocco Pier in South Queensferry. Their big day brought a gathering of family and friends, all eager to witness the happy couple tying the knot with a humanist ceremony set against the backdrop of the forth rail bridge and clear blue skies. Further images are posted on my facebook page but in the meantime here is a sneak peek of the beautiful bride…



Trash The Dress – Barcelona

18.03.2015 Hola! I spent the weekend in Barcelona ahead of a spectacular trash the dress shoot with Pamela and James. We managed to keep our rendezvous a secret but needed a few stiff drinks before heading out into public dressed like this. All I can say is we drew quite a crowd (the tourists loved the kilt) and it was an absolute blast to do! Here is a sneak peek of the happy couple in action on the streets of the gothic quarter…


Congratulations to Louise & Craig

15.02.2015 Congratulations to Louise and Craig who just got married at Branxholm Park House in Hawick. Their big day brought a gathering of family and friends, all eager to witness the happy couple tying the knot with a humanist ceremony in this traditional country house situated in the beautiful Teviot valley. Some unexpected sunshine only added to the sense of occasion as the happy couple stepped out into the snow afterwards…


Congratulations to Vicky & Steve

12.01.2015 Congratulations to Vicky and Steve who just got married at Mansfield Traquair in Edinburgh. It was a fun filled day with a spectacular location and an all star cast including Planet Flowers, 3D Cakes, Ecosse Classic Cars, Kavelle, Pan Pan Bridal and Corra to name but a few. Special thanks to second shooter Sarah McMichael who seemed to enjoy it as much as me! Here is a sneak peek of their wedding day…


Scottish Wedding Directory – Advert

06.01.2015 My new advert in the latest edition of the Scottish Wedding Directory magazine. This image was shot at the end of October after Kerry and Kris agreed on an ambitions plan to trash the dress in Glencoe. They tackled the 1000ft climb up Bidean Nam Bian in a wedding dress and kilt (there were a few hairy moments!) before braving the spray and thunderous noise of the waterfall. It was here we had a rendezvous with the monster waterfall which reminded me of the Bounty advert from the 1980’s. The lovely blur effect on the water was created with a neutral density filter which blocked out light and forced a slow shutter speed on the camera. I’d say it looks very natural and fresh!



Happy New Year!

02.01.2015 Congratulations to Kate and Alistair who just got married at Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh. Not many people choose New Years Day to get married, and even fewer would be brave enough to take the entire bridal party ice skating afterwards. Judging by the look on their faces, the crowd that gathered to watch in Princes Street Gardens Ice Rink simply could not believe their eyes. What an amazing and original thing to do!