Sarah & Duncan – Wedding at Carberry Tower

05.06.2017 Congratulations to Sarah and Duncan who just got married at Carberry Tower in Edinburgh! Family and friends gathered to witness a civil ceremony before celebrating outside in the gardens (the weather thankfully held). Before long I had the newly weds alone for some photographs, and we headed out into the long grass armed only with a table cloth, umbrella, handcuffs and a bouquet. These being essential props for an impromptu picnic in the grass. With a flashlight firmly planted behind them, it wasn’t long before Duncan and Sarah worked their magic teasing the camera with an arresting brand of au natural love. It looked such a romantic scene made entirely for a lovely couple. And didn’t they work it well? I don’t think these two will need handcuffs to stay together! Here is a sneak peek of their wedding day. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Jacinta & Oisin – Wedding at Moray Feu Gardens

22.05.2017 Congratulations to Jacinta and Oisin who just got married at Moray Feu Gardens in Edinburgh! Family and friends (and SO many interesting people!) gathered to enjoy an original DIY wedding set in the private gardens. Being an outdoor ceremony in Scotland, the weather did it’s best to provide some drama. Hailstones battered down as Jacinta and her bridesmaids waited to walk down the aisle, only for blazing sunshine to appear minutes later. It set the tone for an afternoon of fun and a crazy little thing called love. By the time I had the newly weds alone for some photographs, they were quite literally turning heads with their party piece. What a brilliant couple to be around! I love quirky people who are comfortable being themselves. Here is a sneak peek of their wedding day. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Kate & Colin – Wedding at Lothian Chambers

14.05.2017 Congratulations to Kate and Colin who just got married at Lothian Chambers in Edinburgh! I had met the happy couple for some photographs on the Royal Mile an hour before their ceremony, so we wasted no time in whisking around the circuit at St Giles Cathedral. In amongst the pillars and steps of the historic surroundings, the start contrast between the short wedding dress and dark blue suit stood out. They looked so happy and sweet together it seemed a shame to stop shooting! Here is a sneak peek of the happy couple. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Deborah & Ciaran – Wedding at Kirknewton Stables

08.05.2017 Congratulations to Deborah and Ciaran who just got married at Kirknewton Stables in Edinburgh! A stunning blue sky day greeted family and friends as they arrived to witness an outdoor ceremony in the gardens of the stables. A sea of sunglasses looked on as the happy couple said their vows during a civil ceremony in the unbroken sunshine. I soon had Deborah and Ciaran alone for some photographs and got busy marking the occasion in the beautiful gardens. My new lens addition got christened (and completely spoilt!) as these two love birds teased the camera, grinning, kissing and shooting the breeze in style. We had met up less than a week ago for a pre-wedding shoot, and strolling around we simply couldn’t believe how different the gardens looked after a few days of sunshine. Deborah’s quiet and relaxed nature blended brilliantly with Ciaran’s witty and bubbly personality as the camera locked onto them like a heat seeker. They looked so sweet together! You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Kirsty & Brian – Wedding at Balbirnie House

22.04.2017 Congratulations to Kirsty and Brian who just got married at Balbirnie House in Fife. Family and friends gathered to witness a civil ceremony in the long gallery before heading outside onto the front steps for a group photograph, re-uniting the happy couple with their beloved pet dog who made a special appearance. By the time the Solitaire was revealed it was obvious that the cross meant kiss here! Thanks to a ten strong bridal party, an ever so cute flower girl and a surprise appearance from the secret wedding singers during dinner it proved to be quite a memorable day. Many congratulations Mr & Mrs Scott x You can see further images on my facebook page and instagram account here »

Louise & Gareth – Wedding at Glenbervie House

17.04.2017 Congratulations to Louise and Gareth who just got married at Glenbervie House in Lambert! A spring day blossomed as family and friends gathered to witness the happy couple tie the knot with a civil ceremony in this magnificent Victorian manor house. I had already spent the morning at Louise’s parents house and had been spoilt by the eye candy on show, not to mention enjoying the unique challenge of trying to photograph their beloved cat! Immediately after the ceremony, we headed out into the gardens for a photoshoot with the newly weds, armed only with a stunning bouquet from Save The Date Collective. The weather stayed kind as Louise and Gareth spent some time together in the spacious grounds, laughing at our jokes and seemingly feeling on top of the world. Their chemistry and bond in front of the camera was unmistakable. In fact they looked like superheroes for a day, but more on that later. What a super couple and a fun day out to remember! You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Heather & Stuart – Wedding at the Royal College of Physicians

28.03.2017 Congratulations to Heather and Stuart who just got married at the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh! Sunshine graced this beautiful spring day as guests gathered at Barclay Viewforth Church in Morningside to witness Heather and Stuart tie the knot. So did their very own gang of Brownies and Scouts who marked the occasion with a guard of honour outside the church! With confetti strewn all over the pavement, the happy couple sped off to meet me at Queen Street gardens for some photographs. I was joined by second shooter Sarah as sunshine and cherry blossom provided a sweet backdrop for a romantic walkabout in the park. Heather and Stuart rejoined their family and friends at the Royal College of Physicians and celebrated in style. What a stunning and unique venue for a wedding! You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Gemma & Alex – Wedding at Dundas Castle

29.01.2017 Congratulations to Gemma and Alex who just got married at Dundas Castle in Edinburgh! A beautiful crisp winters day greeted family and friends as they arrived to witness Gemma and Alex tie the knot in the magnificent medieval tower of the Auld Keep. Gemma and her bridesmaids were getting ready with the aid of the lovely ladies from The Madeup Team while the boys tackled their kilts nearby with the aid of some whisky! Immedeately after the ceremony, the newly weds were presented with a love lock to commemorate 600 years of history in the Auld Keep and they duly locked it in place to mark the occasion in a fairytale fashion. After climbing the staircase and enjoying the spectacular view from the tower, we headed into the gardens for some photographs to catch their smiles before the daylight disappeared. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Jacqui & Kevin – Wedding at Balbirnie House

29.12.2016 Congratulations to Jacqui and Kevin who just got married at Balbirnie House in Fife! My last wedding of 2016 offered a feast of eye candy, with bold colours and a festive theme running throughout the day. Throw in a beautiful bride, a VW camper van and near perfect weather conditions and you knew it was going to be a cracker! Family and friends gathered in the Long Gallery to witness Jacqui and Kevin tie the knot with a humanist ceremony, before joining the happy couple on the front steps for the traditional Balbirnie group photo. By the time the champagne was flowing it was almost dark, so almost all their photographs were shot at dusk. But the stage was set thanks to a gorgeous VW camper van which had been driven up from south of the border to be there. Jacqui and Kevin couldn’t stop grinning (and chatting!) as the camera and flashguns were carefully set around them to record the scene. It was a touch of retro class and they looked the part! We headed straight into the gardens for some romantic portraits, where the grinning only continued as the newly weds enjoyed some time alone in the moody gardens. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Louise & David – Wedding at Glenbervie House

04.12.2016 Congratulations to Louise and David who just got married at Glasgow University Chapel before celebrating at Glenbervie House! A beautiful crisp, cold December day greeted family and friends who gathered at Glasgow University Chapel to witness Louise and David tie the knot. After nearly 13 years together, it was the day everyone was waiting for, and the packed chapel proved the perfect setting to add another chapter to their family history. Louise got ready in my home town of Glasgow, and soon earned the nickname ‘bridechiller’ thanks to her super relaxed nature. It came as no surprise that the ceremony and remainder of the day followed in exactly the same spirit. I soon had the newly weds alone in the delightful setting of the cloisters which were helpfully decorated in fairy lights for the festive season. After marking the occasion with their fun loving bridal party, we quickly got down to work in the fast fading light, clocking one of the fastest ever laps of the circuit I can remember. Louise and David’s happy smiles, sense of romance and charisma lit up the moody cloisters before we headed over to Glenbervie house to join the reception party. A night of fun and celebration followed under cover of darkness as the happy couple got aquatinted to their new names. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Rebecca & Simon – Wedding at The Hub

06.11.2016 Congratulations to Rebecca and Simon who just got married at the Hub in Edinburgh! A cold, crisp and sunny autumn day greeted family and friends as they gathered to witness Rebecca and Simon tying the knot at St Leonard’s Parish Church in Dunfermline. Home made pies, donuts and biscuits kept everyone warm as the newly weds celebrated in the gardens before braving to walk through a line up of confetti throwers en-route to their bridal car. I met up with them on the Royal Mile for some photographs afterwards and was soon testing their bravery some more. A biting artic wind made for freezing conditions and encouraged quick work as we took a mini tour of the famous cobbled streets. In fact, I think it was the quickest shoot I’ve ever done here, clocking an impressive 28 minutes from start to finish. The cold certainly helped focussed our minds! Thankfully the bridal car was on hand for Rebecca and Simon to take shelter during lens changes, but nevertheless they were mightly impressive, wasting no time in creating some memories and showing off their style. Beautiful bouquets from Lou Lou Flowers added to the eye candy as we courted attention from passers by. Not least an eleven strong hen party who couldn’t resist photo bombing our ice cool glamour show… View Full Post »

Debbie & Andrew – Wedding at The Principal

30.10.2016 Congratulations to Debbie and Andrew who just got married at the Principal in Edinburgh! Family and friends gathered at the George on a beautiful autumn day to witness Debbie and Andrew tie the knot with a humanist ceremony. There were quite a few familiar faces in the crowd, with three previous brides of mine (all friends of Debbie) spanning back over 6 years in duration. Tim Maguire introduced the happy couple with some humorous stories, before declaring them husband and wife under the icing-style ceiling and spectacular chandelier centrepiece of the Kings Hall. I soon had the newly weds alone in George Street gardens and quickly got to work as the sun sank in the autumn sky. The leafy surroundings and golden colour palette proved the ideal backdrop to show off their style, teasing the camera with their cheeky smile and an infectious sense of fun. With leaves falling all around us, you could sense a certain energy in the air. It seemed like they couldn’t have picked a better day to get married and enjoy the moment. Debbie even remarked in disbelief ‘it’s hard to believe it’s my wedding day’ as we strolled around the town. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Becky & John – Trash The Dress

23.10.2016 The final Trash The Dress shoot (hat-trick!) in Autumn took me back to Glencoe for a re-union with Becky and John. The happy couple got married at Balbirnie House in August and fell in love with the idea of returning to Scotland. They made the trip from North Wales the night before to be ready for a spectacular sunrise in front of Buachaille Etive Mor early the next morning. Of all the attempts I’ve made at this sunrise shot, it was perhaps the easiest and quickest to get. The shots were in the bag before 9am leaving us roamin’ in the gloamin’ for the next hour, picking off shots in the stunning early morning sunlight and accepting congratulations from the many surprised hillwalkers. Our best joke was to reply ‘the view from the top is stunning’ which we found highly amusing 🙂 After a coffee break in the Claghaig Inn we braved the many waterfalls in Glen Etive to search of a bit of slow exposure magic. My favourite moment came at the end when we had to get the bouquet accross a raging river to Becky, and decided to throw it since it was the last shot. What followed next was a career best throw from me, launching the weighty bouquet like a missile which headed straight for Becky at terrifying speed. Before you even had a chance to blink, Becky snatched the bouquet straight out the air (inches from her face!) like a ninja. We roared with disbelief. It was probably the best catch I’ve ever seen! You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Fiona & Marc – Wedding at Balbirnie House

09.10.2016 Congratulations to Fiona and Marc who just got married at Balbirnie House in Fife! A beautiful Autumn day saw family and friends gather to witness Fiona and Marc tie the knot with a humanist ceremony in the Long Gallery. The stunning eye candy on show only got better as I led the newly weds into the gardens for some photographs afterwards. As the sunlight streamed through the trees, the sublime mix of glamour and love was unmistakable. They just couldn’t stop giggling and smiling 🙂 By the time things got swinging it was obvious the camera had fallen in love with them. In fact, I think the happy couple have bagged the best set of swing pictures I’ve taken at the sunshine palace of Balbirnie House. I could honestly share dozens of them! A delightful three tier cake supplied by The Cake Guru and flowers by Forget Me Not designer florist completed the eye candy before the Lockhearts got the evening entertainment underway with some cool rock tunes. Here is a sneak peek of their wedding day…

Beata & Raymond – Trash The Dress

03.10.2016 Part 2 of an amazing Trash The Dress weekend took me 170 miles south to Glencoe in the Highlands. Hot off the heels from their honeymoon in the Maldives, Beata and Raymond arrived just in the nick of time to catch the early morning light in Glencoe. It is perhaps my favourite location to shoot, and this time of year can look fantastic thanks to the low lying sun and autumnal colours on show. So it was the fastest start to a trash the dress shoot I can remember! Beata was still in ‘wedding’ mode and looked immaculate, while Raymond was straight into the trash the dress spirit looking somewhat amused at Beata’s first off-road trek in high heel shoes. The shoes didn’t last long! But it didn’t take Beata long to turn the tables and embrace the wild conditions underfoot, surprising us with her agility and scrambling skills. Soon we had a barefoot bride on our hands, climbing mounds, crossing rivers and trekking like a trooper. Part of the fun is the experience of getting around on location, and I lost count of the number of times cars hooted as they passed! It must have been quite a sight so early on a Saturday morning. As the morning mist evaporated, we took a break for coffee at the Clahaig Inn before heading to several waterfalls for some slow exposures. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Lauren & David – Trash The Dress

02.10.2016 Part 1 of an amazing Trash The Dress weekend took me to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Just getting there felt like an achievement, not least because the ferry had crashed on our intended route and all sailings had been cancelled. It resulted in mad cross country dash for Lauren and David with a 3 hour drive in the dark (and a 5am start!) from their mini moon cottage in the Isle of Skye. Meanwhile I was waiting in Ullapool, cursing storm force winds which had threatened to cancel all sailings that day. This was our only window of opportunity, so we were franticly exchanging texts and biting our nails! Thankfully Lauren, David and Arya (German Shepard) made it in time. So a bride and groom, dog, wedding dress, veil, bouquet, photographer, cameras and 2 cars all sailed to the Isle of Lewis and drove south to Harris. The next morning we were up at the crack of dawn and looked at the sunshine in disbelief! With the first shots in the bag by 8am, you just knew the effort to get there had been worth it. The highlight came right at the end with some extra shots of cani-crossing (a world first we think!) where Lauren ties herself to Arya with a harness and lets the dog run, pulling her behind. Right on cue, a rainbow appeared and presented a beautiful backdrop to the already exotic colour palette. View Full Post »

Lauren & David – Wedding at The Hub

26.09.2016 Congratulations to Lauren and David who just got married at the Hub in Edinburgh! Family and friends turned out in force at the Hub to witness the happy couple tie the knot with a humanist ceremony. Tim Maguire led the proceedings with some amusing stories about the couple before Arya, their beloved dog stole the show as the surprise ring bearer (thanks Paw Skills!) Immeadetely afterwards I took the newly weds for a stroll down the Royal Mile and got busy as Lauren’s veil blew everyone away in storm force winds. Then it literally blew away. Family, friends and tourists gasped as the wind ripped the veil straight off Lauren’s head and immediately sent it skyward. Everyone stared up and watched as it climbed ever higher and headed north across the city! An appeal to find it was soon on the radio in Edinburgh (thanks to a guest) but not surprisingly the veil never turned up. It was probably half way across the Atlantic! Thankfully the veil had already made it’s mark on a brilliant day and created some striking memories. The sights and sounds continued well into the night thanks to the talents of Mood Flowers, Kavelle Couture, Absolutely Fabulous Video, Apeeling Fruit, Edinburgh Fun Casino, the Vinyls and Saltire Beat. You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Nina & Gary – Wedding at Ghillie Dhu

19.09.2016 Congratulations to Nina and Gary who just got married at Ghillie Dhu in Edinburgh! Family and friends turned out in force at Ghillie Dhu to witness the happy couple tie the knot with a humanist ceremony and celtic hand fasting. Immediately afterwards, we headed out into the nearby grounds of the Parish Church of St Cuthbert for some photographs with Scott Duncan from Scotpipe leading the way. The newly weds found themselves walking along Princes Street, turning heads and attracting admiring glances from all directions. What a din we made and what a sight to see! Nina and Gary looked in their element as the camera captured their smiles before we headed back for a celebration in the spectacularly dark and moody setting of Ghillie Dhu. Their fun loving guests made sure it was a day to remember as the party got into full swing under those enormous candlelit chandeliers. What a glamorous wedding and a great couple to be around! You can see further images on my facebook page here »

Beata & Raymond – Wedding at Balbirnie House

16.09.2016 Congratulations to Beata and Raymond who got married at Balbirnie House in Fife! The happy couple first met on the dating side ‘’ and were engaged just 4 months later in Paris. Nobody knows what messages they sent each other to make the magic happen, but the one Raymond sent Beata on the eve of their wedding day summed up the match perfectly. It set the scene for a wonderful day full of love, fun and laughter at Balbirnie House featuring the talents of Lou Lou Flowers, St Clair Cars, Three Tiers and a Tie, Manhattan Jazz Trio, Modern Love Events, Straight Shooter Disco’s, Northern Star and Abbey Wedding Productions. You can see further images on my facebook page here »